Health, Safety and Environment policy

We adopted our Policy and Commitment on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). It includes a commitment to 'pursue the goal of no harm to people' and to 'protect the environment' and requires the use of risk-based management systems, which are audited regularly.

Our Company:

  • has a systematic approach to HSE management designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement;
  • sets targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance;
  • requires contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy; requires joint ventures under its operational control to apply this policy and uses its influence to promote it in other ventures; and
  • Includes HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and rewards accordingly.

Health, Safety and Environment Commitment

In the Group we are all committed to:

  • pursue the goal of no harm to people;
  • protect the environment;
  • use material and energy efficiently to provide our products and services;
  • develop energy resources, products and services consistent with these aims;
  • publicly report on our performance;
  • play a leading role in promoting best practice in our industries;
  • manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity; and
  • Promote a culture in which all Shell employees share this commitment.